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For Time
150 Wall-Ball Shots (20lbs @ 10 ft for men / 14lbs @ 9 ft for women)

I used to use my height — 5’6” (and a half… damnit) — as an excuse for poor wall ball performance.

Then I learned that Mat Fraser is only around 5’7”. Josh Bridges is 5’6” too. And neither of them bitch about wall balls. So…

I knew I had to suck it up and figure out how to get good at them — or at least “not bad” at them. You can check out some of what I discovered in this wall ball post.

Since I started focusing on perfecting my technique and developing the movement specific conditioning for wall ball shots, I shaved over 30 seconds off my Karen time in a couple months. However it’s still not anywhere near where I’d like it to be.

The first time I tried it I did it in 8:40. Then recently I retested it and got 8:06. My ultimate goal is sub 6:00 though, so there’s still a long way to go.

Strategy wise… I reckon you can go two ways…

If you’re able to start with a BIG set without blowing a gasket, it gives you a real psychological boost. Considering how much of a grind 150 wall balls is, that’s a big plus!

This last time I managed 35 on my first set before starting to feel like I was going to take it too far. Then I dropped the ball and just kept picking it up again right BEFORE I actually felt like I was ready.

You see, it feels a LOT worse when you’re not moving. As soon as you start up again you are able to take a few steps back out of the pain cave.

I managed to do the rest in sets of 10-20 doing it this way.

I think the other strategy would be to start breaking way before fatigue starts setting in. So if you can do consistent sets of 20. Start taking short breaks after every 10 reps, making sure those breaks stay as short as possible. However I haven’t tried this strategy so I can’t say that it would be faster, but it’s worth exploring for sure.

I’m going to experiment over the next few months with a strategy I’m adapting from something endurance specialist Chris Hinshaw talks about. So keep an eye on the blog for an update on the results. (if you like the Facebook Page I’ll be listing new blog posts there — the link for the page is on the top right of the blog)

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My grandfather gave me my start in fitness. He said he just wanted to keep me out of trouble. But he shaped the person and the coach I am today. Sport quickly became the center of my life.

I competed in Laser Class sailing at an international level, as well as skiing, football, hockey and more. My first coaching passion was alpine skiing where I spent 20 years as a coach, instructor and ski school director.

But my greatest passion has always been helping people get fit. I’ve devoted my life to study and intense personal practice. I’m a firm believer in practicing what I preach, and in testing my theories on myself. I’m obsessed with the world of health, fitness and nutrition.

Then a few years back I stumbled — grudgingly — on Crossfit. To be honest I started out as a “hater” who believed the negative hype. But after giving it a try, I became increasingly hooked. I dabbled for a couple years, and then in the Spring of 2016 I really started taking it seriously.

I now consider myself a Crossfit Masters Athlete. I’m immersed in it completely. And I want to share my journey here at Smooth Is Fast.

NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3, CSIA Lvl 4 Course Conductor, CSCF 3,
Biosignature Certified, MAT Lower Body Certified, AKC Certified Coach

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